What is behind the name Iff Digital?

We are often asked, “so, why are you called I-F-F digital?” My response is always the same. “It’s not I-F-F digital, it’s Iff Digital (pronounced ‘If’)” Ah! 😊

So, what is behind the name Iff Digital?

Let me explain the Biconditional Theory behind the name.

If a condition and its converse are both true, then they can be combined into a single statement using the words ‘if and only if’(Abbreviated Iff). This is a Biconditional.

Sounds pretty deep for a Monday, but it is actually very simple! 😊

Example: Tomorrow is Tuesday if and only if today is Monday

Marketing example: You can only drive the right outcomes if and only if you influence the right metrics or dependencies – i.e no traffic, conversions, conversion value = no leads, sales and revenue

We feel that this sentiment perfectly underpins our approach, and this is how we lead our clients on the path to better outcomes. i.e Unlock the Dependencies = Grow Faster

A formula for success. It’s not what we do. It’s who we are.

So now you know! 😊

P.S Hope you like it

by | Jan 9, 2023