The great thing about running an agency is when our clients ask us for help.

In fact, our whole service at Iff Digital is based on helping our clients unlock the What if? Scenarios.

It’s easy to cover the basics when someone asks us for advice and help – but our clients, customers, teams, and community deserve so much more than that.

Yes, fixing the basics is great and it is important, but perhaps you have something bigger to add?

  • When a client shares their plans to launch a new website it can be tempting to dive straight in and build a creative masterpiece, but does the business plan stack up?
  • When a client is running a new campaign it is easy to agree that the creative looks great, but does the forecast deliver a profitable ROI?
  • When a team member is pushing for promotion the easy option is to keep moving the goalposts. However, a better option could be to set some more realistic targets or objectives.

I’m pretty confident that when the Titanic went down, the bar was clean and well-stocked. It’s a shame no one talked about the icebergs! 😊 (Credit Seth Godin)


by | Jun 1, 2022