The importance of diversity in marketing.

Following the emphatic (nail-biting) win over Denmark on Wednesday night and the ‘Yorkshire Pirlo’ flying the flag for Leeds 🙂 I was reflecting on what the marketing world (and Iff Digital) can learn from the current England ranks.

If there is one universal truth about human psychology, it is that we love being surrounded by people who think just like us. Footballers like to be surrounded by footballers and marketeers like to be surrounded by guess what? Marketeers! 

The problem with this approach is that it creates what experts have dubbed ‘echo chambers’. Whilst echo chambers maybe comfortable they are inherently self-limiting. The tragedy is that people in echo chambers often don’t even realise they are trapped. The point here is that when we are surrounded by people who think the same way, we can overlook the simple things or worse still, miss opportunities. 

Obvious marketing examples include Blockbuster and Kodak and we all know what happened next. 

With the world changing faster than ever, it is diversity and inclusivity that unlocks the key to success. If you look at Southgate’s backroom staff it includes; An Army Colonel, Olympic Rower and Cycling coach amongst others. Undoubtedly these people don’t know as much as Pep or Ferguson about football but crucially they offer an alternative and unbiased view of the world. 

Of course, diversity shouldn’t be pursued frivolously. The key is to bring people together whose perspectives are both relevant to the problem, and which are also different from each other.This maximises input – leading to better outcomes for all.

I am super proud of the small but highly nimble team we have built at Iris which includes some of the best brains across strategy, performance marketing, data, creativity and leadership. 

I am confident that this will stand us in good stead as we look to drive positive growth for our clients and the team.

P.S Come On England!!!

by | Jul 9, 2021