Yesterday’s article by Michaela Jefferson, Marketing Week’s Head of News, shared the findings of the ‘Feeling Seen’ report by System 1, ITV and Deca.

The report proves that diverse representation positively impacts advertising effectiveness. It performs above average with the general population and drives a significant boost in engagement and effectiveness among the represented groups.

While we all know that diverse representation is important, the widely held acknowledgement of this is rarely backed up by data. Director of client strategy and planning at ITV and president of WACL, Kate Waters, concluded: What this research proves is what we’ve always known to be true but haven’t been able to quantify – seeing yourself on screen, if you’re in a typically underrepresented group, makes you feel great and that translates into an effectiveness dividend for advertisers.

Michaela’s article points out that diverse participant groups responded with particular intensity to diverse advertising. System1 CMO Jon Evans said, “The results of this study clearly shows how important representation can be and how much better advertising feels when it reflects you, rather than rejects you. Feeling seen feels good”.

Interestingly, and perhaps even unexpectedly, the uplift was visible across all groups, Evans added: “Diverse advertising actually unites us all. What is good for society is also good for business.”

This unprecedented report is a fantastic resource for brands and agencies; it aims to help them deliver more authentically diverse advertising, benefiting brands, customers and, most importantly, positively influencing societal change.

It provides us with a deeper understanding of audience perception and interaction, giving us more information to consider the target audience when creating campaigns from initial concept right through to copy and creative.

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by | Aug 17, 2021