Are you ready for GA4?

Don’t get left behind!

On the 1st of July 2023, standard Universal Analytics (UA) will stop recording data and your historic data in UA is not going to get directly migrated to Google’s alternative, GA4. This is due to the way each platform collects the data which is different. 

So, there’s a whole bunch of data that’s about to sit in a redundant platform, making analysis, such as year-on-year performance, pretty tricky.

Three key reasons why you should make the transition to GA4 now:

    1. If both UA and GA4 are implemented now, you will have access to year-on-year session and event-based data when UA sunsets in July 2023.

    2. Implementation can take some time. Switching over now gives you time to correct reporting and tracking issues while still collecting accurate data in UA.

    3. Access to advanced web event reporting where you can see more of the users’ journey and can help you identify deeper audience and campaign insight.
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We have designed a 4 stage process to help our clients make a seamless transition to GA4.

  1. Top-level audit of current GA set-up to ensure nothing is missed during the migration
  2. Set-up of new GA4 property and any GTM updates 
  3. Configuration of any campaign/event goals including linking Google Search Console and Google Ads
  4. Full end-to-end testing to ensure the data and events are pulling into GA4 correctly 

Migrate to GA4 in 2-3 weeks and start collecting data now!


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