What holds an organisation together and motivates its people to do the right thing rather than the easy thing? The answer, for many top-performing companies, is culture – the values, mindsets and behaviours that constitute an environment conducive to success.

In a global survey run by Bain & Company, 81% of global executives agreed that a company without a winning culture was “doomed to mediocrity.” 

I’ve been fortunate to serve in the British Army, where culture and togetherness underpin everything you do. I have also worked at some of the region’s top digital agencies and seen first-hand those that have got it right and conversely those that haven’t.

At Iff Digital, we have created a unique personality and culture based on shared values and goals. A place where our beliefs and behaviours translate the organisation’s unique personality into a people-first environment, customer-focused actions and commercial results.

As a result, our team maintains a healthy external focus on our customers and the industry. Our team thinks and acts like owners – they take personal responsibility for overall business performance, not just their slice of the prize. They also exhibit a clear bias for action, with little patience for standing still.

Above all, our team has an ambition for shared success. Everyone contributes, and crucially everyone is valued. We are constantly pushing for the extra 2%. 

I believe the most important thing leaders can do to build a positive culture is;

  1. Provide worthwhile work – ensuring everyone understands the value of their contribution
  2. Empower people to realise their potential – through regular coaching and personal development
  3. Cheer each other on – it’s important to celebrate success along the way.

As Ken Blanchard said, E = MC2 (Enthusiasm = mission x cash and congratulations!).

by | Aug 31, 2021